October 02, 2013
The Pond is alive!
Reflective Layer is proud to announce the release of LivingPond. It's our first Live Wallpaper for the Android smartphones. It's no dirty secret that this pond is in fact dirty!
Checkout this awesome trailer.

Download the demo today from the Google Play Store.

August 13, 2013
Winter is Here!
At least in the world of the LivingPond(oh yeah, that the official name of the Live Wallpaper project). We've got anScreenshot_2013-08-13-01-43-20other cool screen shot. This is the winter scene(incomplete) with the pond frozen and a little bit of snow. We've added more dirt to the junk in the pond. The debris that would normally float on the surface is now frozen in place.
August 07, 2013
A view of the Pond
Reflective Layer is proud to announce the first public screenshot of its upcoming Android Live Wallpaper. ecoPond_shot1 Introducing EcoPond. It's not just fish in the water but also what's above that water. Although this pond is dirty, it still teems with life. We'll have more info later.
Click image to enlarge.  
July 30, 2013
Water under the bridge
Ok, there is no bridge but  our next project is definitely about Water and Under. We're taking a stab at the Live Wallpaper scene. This obviously implies an Android project. So far it's coming along pretty good. We've got all the elements and  "creatures" in place and over the next few days will start on behavior!

It's about time somebody put LIFE into these Live Wallpapers!