R.D. Murray Signal App

As a Conductor, Locomotive Engineer, Signal Person or other signal related professional in the railroad industry it's important to always be able to recognize the many railroad signals and signs. This app will help you do just that. It contains the standard NORAC signals and signs as interactive tests amd digital flashcards allowing you to study anywhere at your own pace. Learn more

Air Lane 2

Deep in the jungle of South America sit an abandoned airstrip. But it won’t be abandoned for long. As David Piano, you take over the tower of this airstrip, bringing it back to life and making money. With the money and your traffic control skill you will control traffic not just in the air but also on the ground. That’s where the real challenge begins. But it doesn’t stop there because with each new airport Air Lane 2 will push your traffic control skill to the limit.

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What does it take to land a 900 kg rover on mars? Find out when you fire up the Centaur second stage rocket and put Curiosity on a trajectory to mars. Timing has to be just right when separating Curiosity from the second stage. Along the way you’ll have to stay on course using very little fuel. And once Curiosity enters the martian atmosphere, literally all hell will break loose. Now it’s all about precision landing. Aside from Curiosity you can also send orbiting probes to mars.

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LivingPond (Live Wallpaper)

Life is beautiful but that doesn’t mean what it's not beautiful it's not alive! LivingPond is such a thing. A pond that has many things thrown into to it yet it still teems with life. You’ll find pizza boxes and oil cans at the bottom but you’ll also find fishes and on occasion snails roaming around. You can change the season and set the amount of debris at the bottom of the pond. Right at the top of the pound you may find empty coffee cups and sardine cans floating but right above that you’ll also find dragonflies and butterflies. This is truly a Living Pond.

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Battle Lines

The lines are drawn. The question is how long can you hold it? Based on the original Air Lane, Battle Lines challenges you to control air traffic in the middle of a battlefield. While enemy aircraft attack your base you need to respond by launching your guided rockets against them. However, you need to be careful. As you are retaliating, friendly aircraft will be looking to land at your base with fresh ammunition.The trick is for these aircraft to avoid friendly fire.

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